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    Tax Law

    This area of law includes representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service and the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, tax advice regarding formation and operations of a business as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship and not-for-profit. It also includes succession planning, liquidations and distributions.

    Tax Litigation

    We represent individuals and businesses in disputes involving tax liability, including civil and criminal matters. We will protect clients at all stages of a civil or criminal tax dispute, from the grand jury administrative proceeding through court appeals.

    Tax Audit Representation

    We work with individuals or businesses throughout the audit process, including procedures required after receiving notice of an impending audit or with the process of appealing the findings of a recently completed audit.

    Tax Collections

    We protect the rights of individuals and businesses facing tax collection efforts, helping negotiate an offer in compromise or an installment payment plan, whenever possible, or defending against an attempt to place a lien or levy on property.